Philly. Music. Culture. Welcomes You!

  • What is Philly. Music. Culture. all about?

This is a blog for and about the city of brotherly love- Philadelphia. It covers Philly musicians, culture, music venues, and anything else relevant and helpful.

  • Why Philly?

Philadelphia has a well-saturated music and arts culture. We have dozens of great music venues, a plethora of local bands, and plenty of creative thinkers to write about.

  • Why music?

Music has an uncanny ability to touch the souls of listeners. A good lyric, instrument, and vocal combination often moves people in very real ways. Some examples of songs that touch me are “Personal” by Stars and “Broadripple is Burning” by Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s. Both songs put me in a sober place, reminding me to feel again; and that’s the power of music.

  • Why Culture?

It’s important to examine the culture that certain things, like music, creates. The arts often has an important culture attached to it. I believe that Philadelphia’s music culture is a very important one to examine.

  • Philadelphia has no shortage of music blogs. So why start a new one?

Philly. Music. Culture. is more than your typical concert review blog, although you may see a few. You will also find album reviews, local venue reviews, along with other music & culture related ramblings. So you can expect a little more from us!

  • Who writes for Philly. Music. Culture.?

Let me introduce myself. I, Krisann Janowitz (pictured above) am the writer for Philly. Music. Culture. I not only love my city, Philadelphia, but I have been writing about music for years. You can find more of my work at Independent Clauses and my website. Philly. Music. Culture also welcomes guest writers to join the conversation, so you can write here too!

This is not meant to be all about me, so please let me know what you want to see on Philly. Music. Culture. Want to read venue reviews? Any particular bands you want to hear about? Any other ideas? Please, feel free to comment down below!



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